A walk down memory (Linton) lane

Neil and Paul recreate the photo (see below) in 2016
Neil and Paul recreate the photo (see below) in 2016
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Linton Lane Centre’s 50th anniversary celebrations certainly brought a lot of nostalgia to many people in Kirkcaldy, many who were former members of the Boys’ Club.

The community centre has been rolling back the years over the past few weeks in celebration of 50 years of the Kirkcaldy Boys’ Club in the Templehall premises which it moved into from its former Rose Street base.

Neil and Paul Arnold in 1990

Neil and Paul Arnold in 1990

The celebrations kicked off with the Grey Panthers’ afternoon of music and memories with Tam the Hat which was attended by over 70 senior citizens. Then it was the young ones’ turn with a busy family party hosted by Mr Barking and Rosie’s Disco.

A huge crowd turned out to watch Stages Dance School celebrate ‘Dance Through The Years’ with over 80 performers and the K107 radio roadshow. A special archive day and AGM was also well-attended with some great memories and reunions.

And the centre was delighted with the return of a prizewinning painting of the Forth Rail Bridge made by Boys’ Club members back in 1990. Paul and Neil Arnold, two former members recreated a photo taken at the time of its completion.

The climax of the celebrations was the sold-out anniversary dance with Lights Out By Nine, while a free community lunch from Hosting Hope brought the festivities to a close.

Mandy Henderson, centre manager, said: “We’re delighted with the success of the events and our thanks go to everyone who took part, particularly those who provided sponsorship and shared archive material, helping bring back so many warm memories.”