Leadership candidate Ruth makes return to Fife

Ruth Davidson, Scottish Tory leadership candidate
Ruth Davidson, Scottish Tory leadership candidate

THE youngest candidate in the race for the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party leadership made a return to the Kingdom.

Ruth Davidson MSP - a former reporter with the Glenrothes Gazette - met local party members at the Kingswood Hotel on Monday as part of her tour of the country.

She said: “I’m visiting every constituency to ask members their vision on the future of the party.

“Sometimes we’re not heard as loudly as we should and I’m very confident if/when I become leader that we empower local associations and members and invite them to be more involved in the decision making process.”

Ruth (32) was brought up in Fife, attending Buckhaven High School.

After studying at Edinburgh University she spent a period working in the Kingdom, including a spell at Kingdom FM, before moving to Glasgow.

She was pleased to be back this week: “It [Fife] is close to my heart and it’s probably still the place I’d call home even though I don’t live here.

“My parents still stay in Lundin Links and I’ve got friends who still live here.

“Fife is a great place and has so much going for it. Any excuse to come back is great.”

Although the party has lost support in many areas, Ruth believes the key is re-engaging with people.

“I’m proud of what we can offer Scotland and I think our values chime with a whole host of Scots who don’t vote for us and don’t listen to us any more,” she said.

“We need to reconnect with those people.

“The message I’m bringing is, actually we have a lot to offer.

“Things the Conservatives have done here, that have helped, include the upgrade to Kirkcaldy High Street - that was out of the Town Centre Regeneration Fund we forced the SNP government to pass.

“This is just one example where the Conservatives have made a difference in Fife.

“Where I grew up in Buckhaven, Kirkcaldy was the closest large town and it breaks my heart to see places like Kirkcaldy having High Streets full of charity shops and empty units.”