Local man meets star

Brad Pitt in Glasgow on the set of his new film World War Z
Brad Pitt in Glasgow on the set of his new film World War Z

A GLENROTHES man has been telling the Gazette about recently meeting film star Brad Pitt.

Craig Thomson, the current Scottish Kickboxing champion at 79kg, was an extra on the film ‘World War Z’, currently being filmed in Glasgow.

He said: “I got a job as an extra. It was pretty long and boring to be honest. Nothing glamorous.

“I was on set from five o’clock in the morning. It was four hours till they did anything.

“They had to put up the set. Then they re-set it, which took an hour. That is what is like all day. Quite boring.

“I met Brad Pitt though. The novelty wore off really quick! He’s not really that special. He’s just a normal guy. He was dead laid back.

“I thought he would be stuck up, but he was quite nice.

“Between takes he would say ‘hi’ and that, but we didn’t know if we could talk to him.

“There was about 800 of us, we were to pretend we were getting chased down a street in a panic.

“They had guys with real shotguns. They never told us they would be firing them. It was to make us look terrified and it worked! I couldn’t believe how loud they were. You could feel the vibrations.

“I don’t think I will get a chance like that again so it was good to be involved, but it’s a long day.”