No regrets as brothers lose huge cash sum on TV show

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TWO Kirkcaldy brothers have vowed to keep taking risks - despite losing £325,000 on one question in a television game show.

Lee and Lindsay Vine appeared on Channel 4’s ‘Million Pound Drop’ when they bet all their money on Los Angeles having a bigger population than New York.

But it was the wrong answer and they left empty-handed.

However, the brothers are optimistic about the future and refuse to let their loss get them down.

This isn’t the first time the Vine brothers have appeared on television as they spent a year travelling extensively throughout Asia to carry out 101 bizarre and scary challenges - it was broadcast on Channel 4 a few years ago.

Lee (36), who works as an employment adviser, said: “I had watched ‘Million Pound Drop’ and thought ‘I can do that.’ Clearly I was wrong!

“But it was an amazing experience. All the crew were really nice and 100 per cent genuine. Davina was totally down-to-earth.”

Lee said his brother bears him no resentment over making the wrong call over the last question: “If we had gone on the show with £325,000 and then lost it, things may have been different,” he said.

“We did have a genuine chance of winning. I pictured LA in my head because it is bigger than New York but population-wise New York has more people because it has skyscrapers and high buildings.

Pressure game

“Lindsay thought it was New York but we went with my answer as he had been wrong on the previous three questions.

“We were on a bit of a downer on the Sunday - the money would have been nice as it would take years to earn and it would have changed my life.

‘‘But we really didn’t know the answer and the pressure was starting to get to us.”

He added: “You have got to get over it. We have no regrets doing it.’’