Cottage Hospital, Kirkcaldy

Cottage Hospital in Kirkcaldy cicra 1900s
Cottage Hospital in Kirkcaldy cicra 1900s
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The Cottage Hospital was built by Michael Nairn for the people of Kirkcaldy. Situated at the foot of St Clair Street (now the Kyles), it opened its doors to the public in November 1890.

It wasn’t a very large hospital as it initially only had ten beds and one operating theatre. It was later extended in 1895 and again in 1914. Following the opening of the Victoria Hosiptal, it eventually closed. Rumour has it that shortly before it was demolished in 1984, a group of children who were exploring the empty building saw a lady dressed in grey gliding throught the corridor weeping. It is unknown who she is or whether she haunts the old grounds of the former hospital or nearby Ravenscraig Castle.