A new stage for Paige

Paige Morrison
Paige Morrison

A Fife teenager will soon be taking to the London stage as the lead in a production of ‘No, No, Nanette’.

Former Cardenden Primary School pupil Paige Morrison is currently in her second year of study at the Doreen Bird College of Performing Arts in London.

Nineteen-year-old Paige was accepted to the prestigious school last summer after attending the Dance School of Scotland since the age of 11.

Now in her second year, she has just been cast as Nanette in the College’s professional production of the famous stage show.

Speaking from the family home, now in Montieth, Paige admits her casting as the lead was a bit of a shock.

“I was so surprised,” she said. “When I was at the Dance School of Scotland, I just thought of myself as a dancer really.

“It’s only been in the last two or three years that I got introduced to singing and I thought ‘I quite like this’.

“And when we had to go through the auditions, I thought I had no hope in hell of getting it!

“Then we got told two weeks ago and they said I’d been cast as Nanette. It’s absolutely amazing.”

For Paige, it is definitely something to look forward following a “tough” few weeks, after she contracted meningitis.

Beth Morrison, Paige’s mum, said: “When she was getting discharged, the doctors said that because she’d been in such peak physical condition, she would make a full recovery.

“Paige is such a lovely girl and just so down to earth.”

For Paige, who says she can’t wait to get back to college after recuperating at home, this year’s show will help to prepare for her future in performing arts.

She said: “Next year when I’m in third year, we’ll do a another performance which we take on tour as well. So hopefully this has kick-started things for me for the future.”

Paige will make her leading-lady debut in February, and Beth says the whole family can’t wait.

“Her family and friends are all so proud of her and are looking forward to making the trip to London in the next few months to see her in ‘No, No, Nanette’.”