A tale of two roads...

Steven Watt
Steven Watt

As one local resident says a speed limit reduction on Kennoway Road has led to a reduction in the number of crashes, a Lundin Links campaign group is calling for urgent action after six incidents on Largo Road in the last nine weeks...

A local resident who was part of the campaign to reduce speeding on Kennoway Road has said the new limit has made a difference – and believes the same could be achieved in Lundin Links.

Steven Watt, who stays on the through road from Kennoway to Leven, lobbied councillors and police for months to change the limit on the road after several crashes, many right outside his home.

In January, a report was put to local councillors to reduce the limit from 60mph to 40mph, which was approved, and new signage and road warnings were put in place in April.

Since then, Steven reports that there have been no crashes on the road and that he, his family and neighbours feel much safer.

“There’s not been any crashes that I know of and we’re happier that it is now safer,” he said.

Steven noted that an increased police presence on the road had also helped to catch those who were not ad-hearing to the new limit, and Inspector Donald Jenks from Police Scotland confirmed that it was a “hot spot” which was given additional attention given the number of crashes.

“You do see people driving slower,” Steven added. “Of course, you still get the odd idiot, but folk are definitely aware of it and are taking notice of the new limit.”

Ian Smith, of Fife Council’s transportation department, confirmed the change, and said: “Speed monitoring following the introduction of the 40 mph speed limit confirms that northbound speed has reduced by 4mph and southbound speed by 3mph.”

Steven now believes that a new limit on the main road through Lundin Links could also help to reduce incidents and help make people feel safer. He said: “Personally I think it would be a really good idea. There are a couple of really bad corners, especially at the Lundin Links Hotel, so why wouldn’t it help? I think if you’re scared to go on the pavement as a pedestrian then there has to be a problem.”

Meanwhile in Lundin Links, the campaign launched to reduce the speed limit on Largo Road from 30mph to 20mph has gathered new support and there are now 300 signatures on the ‘Time for Twenty’ petition.

Local residents started the campaign after becoming concerned about the number of incidents on the road, which connects Levenmouth to the East Neuk.

They called on Fife Council to reduce the limit to encourage safer driving, however Fife Council’s transportation department has said there would be “no justification” for the change because it is a key arterial route.

According to the group, in the last nine weeks there have been six traffic accidents on Largo Road and Leven Road with four requiring police attention and two requiring an ambulance.

Campaigners believe reducing the speed limit to 20mph would help tackle speeding, reduce the risk of accidents at tight bends, and allow traffic to flow more safely through the village.

Heather Paterson, from ‘Time for Twenty!’ Action Group and a resident on Largo Road said: “We have had an excellent response on the doorsteps with hundreds of people keen to sign the petition.

“We have also had a great support from local businesses and community groups. This is a serious issue which has been neglected for years and years. Many people have said they have contacted Fife Council individually to voice their concerns but have never been listened to. We hope speaking with one voice will help us be heard this time.”

A Time for Twenty Facebook group has now been set up enabling locals to log incidents, adn the petition can be signed at local shops, pubs and Mercury Motors.