Act now to save Dysart harbour

Dysart Harbour
Dysart Harbour

Action is needed soon to repair Dysart’s historic harbour area after years of neglect.

Locals fear that more sections could end up closed to the public if vital repairs are not carried out soon.

The steps leading to Sailor’s Walk are still blocked after a rockfall several years ago, the east dock is in need of serious remedial work after years of patching up damage caused by storms, as well as the general running down of the seascape around the Sea Beams sculpture at the car park by the Pan Ha’ - and the boathouse is open to the elements following the devastating fire in 2012.

Now visitors and residents say action is needed to protect it for future generations.

One Kirkcaldy resident, who had not visited the area in years, told the Press he had gone along for a walk recently and been shocked by the state of the area.

Danny Arnott (82), of St Brycedale Court, said: “There is grass and weeds growing up through the chips which are all patchy and have been completely washed away from the area next to the wall.

“I overheard a coach party talking about it and they said they had been disappointed by the look of the place, which is not good for tourism.”

Glyn and Margaret Ednie, both members of Dysart Community Council, said the former Dysart Regeneration Forum then Community Council had pestered Fife Council for action for years since funding to repair the pier and refurbish the area was withdrawn by the previous SNP administration after it came to power in 2007.

“A huge amount of money was lost when the Council pulled the funding. It was all in place for the final phase when they decided it wasn’t going ahead and all the grants were lost,” explained Glyn.

“It would be a shame to lose the east pier, but that is what is going to happen if action is not taken soon.”

Visitor Walter Bird (82), from Edinburgh said he loved visiting Dysart and its historic harbour.

“It’s a bit run down, but it’s still beautiful, and it would be a tragedy if it was not repaired,” he said.

Local councillor Kay Carrington (inset) said she was working with Fife Coast and Countryside Trust and other organisations to identify funding to repair the boathouse.

“These are huge sums of money we are looking at, particularly for the pier, but if we can get funding from the lottery to repair the boathouse for Dysart Sailing Club, it would be a first step,” she said.

“We need to keep the harbour useable simply because it’s a huge tourist attraction that we can’t do without.”