All hands on deck in UCG protest

Largo Bay
Largo Bay
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Campaigners intend to form a human chain across the Forth Road Bridge in a large-scale protest against underground coal gasification (UCG).

Opponents fear it carries the threat of environmental disaster if it is ever permitted under the Firth of Forth.

The opposition is set to demand a Scottish Government moratorium is extended to the controversial method of burning coal under the sea bed. Anti-fracking and unconventional gas extraction (UCE) groups, including Frack Off Fife, will be involved in the Hands Over Our Forth action at 2pm on October 11. They are asking people across Scotland who are concerned about UCG to join them and link hands across the bridge. Cluff Natural Resources, one of the main firms linked with the process, which holds UGC licences for areas in Fife incuding Largo Bay, says UCG could create hundreds of new jobs and secure the UK’s energy supplies for decades.