Arts hub launches expansion programme in Gallatown

Gallatown will host the arts hub
Gallatown will host the arts hub

Residents in the Gallatown area of Kirkcaldy are to be given the chance to get creative in the coming weeks through a new community arts project.

Those behind Kirkcaldy’s Arts Hub in The Postings have come up with the Galton Creative initiative, which is a programme of community arts for those in the area.

Led by Youth Music Theatre Scotland, the scheme will offer the chance for residents to sample a range of creative activities locally.

Janet Robertson, artistic director with YMTS, explained: “We’re taking a taster project in to the heart of Gallatown and there will be two strands to it.

“We’re going to run a project in the summer in the centre of Gallatown which is akin to the Red project we have done in the past.

“We will be working with people to capture their stories and use creative means, whether its multi-media, songs, poetry or whatever, to express them.

“Our aim is to start this in the summer and then develop it over the next year and take it to the Fringe in 2015.

“After that, launching into the new school year we’ll offer a series of tasters.

“It will be similar to what we did when we launched the Arts Hub.

“There will be lots of different things for people to try and we’ll be running classes over a number of weeks in those.

“We want people to come and see what they enjoy and then we’ll have a funding cafe event to explore what the community want to develop further.”

The initiative was granted funding totalling £17,302 at Kirkcaldy area committee last week. The money came from Ward 13’s local community planning budget and from the Kirkcaldy Anti-Poverty Fund.

The Galton Creative project is also receiving support from Fife Cultural Trust and Creative Scotland.

Janet added: “The pilot here (at The Postings) is really successful and the opportunity to take it and work with other communities is part of that.

“This programme is for anyone who wants to get creative, whether they are already involved in creativity or want to give something a go.

“It gives people an opportunity and it’s up to them to decide how they want to grab creativity and apply it to their lives.”

Project details

The Galton Creative project will be running in the heart of the Gallatown area of Kirkcaldy.

The Taster Young People’s Production Project will run in the school’s summer holidays for those aged 12 and over.

The series of taster sessions in eight creative areas will be delivered over six weeks in the coming months.

For more information about any aspect of the Galton Creative programme contact the Arts Hub in The Postings on (01592) 640604.