Baby joy as Aberdour couple get three for price of one

Dad Tim Robson, mum Hannah Norman and triplets Lottie, Aidan and Paige
Dad Tim Robson, mum Hannah Norman and triplets Lottie, Aidan and Paige
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An Aberdour couple got three presents for the price of one when they welcomed their baby triplets home in time for Christmas.

Hannah Norman (32), who owns the Room With A View restaurant, and her partner, chef Tim Robson (50) had a nice start to the New Year in the village with their two daughters Paige Eva, Lottie Janet and son Aidan Edward.

Triplets Lottie, Aidan and Paige

Triplets Lottie, Aidan and Paige

The babies were conceived by IVF treatment and delivered by C-Section at Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy on October 31.

But they had to be kept in hospital until the end of November as they were born two months premature - the triplets were not originally due until December 20. Paige clocked in at 4lb 7oz, Aidan weighed 4lb 8oz and Lottie was the smallest at 2lb 8oz.

Paige and Aidan were able to go home a few days before Lottie who had to be kept in an incubator at the neonatal unit as she needed the extra help to grow.

Hannah told The Press: “It was our first attempt at IVF and we got three for the price of one so were very lucky, I don’t know how some couples are able to go through it seven or eight times.

“We were actually told that the embryo wasn’t very strong so it would be unlikely it would work to have one baby never mind three!

“There is a history of twins in both our families but we still just expected the one, so we were surprised to find out we were having identical twins at the eight-week scan.”

It was then an even bigger surprise for the couple when they learned they were having triplets at the 12-week scan.

“I just burst into tears! It was a bit of a shock. We were aware it would be two babies but one of the eggs must have split after eight weeks,” Hannah explained.

“We are really pleased the IVF worked it has just been a bit of a life change. We managed to get through Christmas but we may look at getting extra help.”

Hannah said so far they have managed to get the triplets into a set four-hour routine of feeding, sleeping and changing nappies and it has been working.

She said they have also been a popular attraction in Aberdour as the babies are thought to be the first set of triplets for the village.

Hannah said: “They are famous in Aberdour. Everyone has been stopping us when we have been out and they have been putting silver in the buggy. It takes us triple the time to get round!

“We have been completely inundated with cards and clothes that we don’t need to buy any more for them.”

Hannah hopes the triplets will be able to get involved in the family business when they grow up, she added: “We could have one as a chef, one in management and the other one front of house!”