Bank avoids axe

Clydesdal Bank, Durie Street, Leven.
Clydesdal Bank, Durie Street, Leven.
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The Leven branch of the Clydesdale Bank has been spared the chop as the company undertakes a £25 million investment programme.

However, the news was not so good for customers in Kirkcaldy and Cupar, who are set to lose their local branches this summer.

Explaining the decision, a spokesman from the Clydesdale Bank said: “A total of 28 unsustainable branches will close; the majority as aresult of lease break review points

“The associated £5 million savings wil be fully reinvested in improving the remaining branch network.”

The bank claimed the move was a key step in its strategy to build a better bank for customers - to develop new and improved mobile and internet banking services and continued new product investment.

Unsurprisingly, customers in Kirkcaldy, for example, were unconvinced by these reasons.

“I think it’s absolutely ridiculous” said John McMorine (36)

“Although I do a lot of internet and telephone banking sometimes you would rather have a conversation with someoone face-to-face.

“Should the Clydesdale not be thinking’ let’s cut some of the higher management’ and make savings that way, like SSE, for example.”

In Leven, however, customers were breathing a sigh of relief.

Lee Murray, local businessman and chairman of East Fife FC, said: “I am a customer at the Clydesdale and so is the club and I’m very happy to see it saved.

“It would be sad to see another prominent name lost in the town and it’s good that Leven still has this big name along with the Royal Bank of Scotland and Bank of Scotland.”

“Obviously, we do most of our banking online but still do a lot of business in the branch.

He added:“The staff at the Clydesdale Bank in Leven are excellent.”