Book Choice: Allan Crow

The Black Box by Michael Connelly.
The Black Box by Michael Connelly.

Just as Rebus is back working cold cases, so too Harry Bosch - one of the finest characters ever created by a crime writer.

Bosch is one of Connelly’s two intertwined characters - the other is the Lincoln lawyer - and ‘The Black Box’ is yet another first-class read.

It’s set in the LA riots of the 1990s when Bosch was assigned to help the local police.

He finds a female photo-journalist shot dead in an alley, but there’s time to do anything other than a basic investigation.

Twenty years on he opens the black box - the archive files - as her unsolved murder nags at him.

Was she just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or was there more to her death thousands of miles from home?
As ever, Connelly unravels the case piece by piece while throwing in some curve balls.

Fans of his work will love it as it hints once again at a Bosch dynasty with his daughter drawing ever closer to a career in the force.

But the great man isn’t ready to go just yet ...