Botanic’s ‘wildlife bioblitz’

St Andrews Botanic Garden Wildlife Bioblitz.

St Andrews Botanic Garden Wildlife Bioblitz.

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St Andrews Botanic Garden is holding a ‘wildlife bioblitz’ tonight (Friday ) and tomorrow to record flora and fauna in the garden over a 24-hour period – and hope members of the public will join in.

It kicks off with moth traps being set up at 7.30pm, followed by a bat talk at 8pm and a bat walk at 9pm. Brave souls who are not afraid of the dark can accompany staff members down to the pond at 9.30pm to see what night time creatures are about.

On Saturday, at 10am, staff will be identifying moths trapped overnight, followed by bird ringing and bird walks at 10.30am and 11am. There will be pond dipping at 11.30am and a wildflower walk at noon. In the afternoon there will be an invertebrate survey at 1pm, a butterfly walk at 2pm and a bee walk at 2.30pm. There will also be a fungal foray at 3pm.

The Glass Class will be the starting point for all activities and where all the records will be on display. Biodiversity officer Johanna Willi and Alexa Tweddle, of Fife Nature, will compile the results.