Bracelet sales hint at ‘yes’ in referendum

Owen with his referendum bands

Owen with his referendum bands

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The independence referendum is sparking an interest from people of all ages - and not just in the form of debating and asking questions.

One East Wemyss boy has decided to combine one of his favourite past times with politics as referendum day approaches.

Eleven-year-old Owen Butters is using loom bands to create special referendum bracelets which he is selling online.

The ‘yes’ bracelets are blue and white with tartan ribbon attached, while the ‘no’ votes are a Union Jack design finished off with some Union Jack ribbon.

Owen’s mum, Lana, explained: “He had been making just normal loom bands for a while.

“He has been enjoying making them so much that one day he made a blue and white one and thought ‘hey, wait a minute, this one would be good for the Scottish referendum for the yes vote’.

“One thing led to another and he made a ‘no’ one as well.

“He’s been selling them online.

“He’s really pleased and using the money he makes from the sales to make more loom bands.”

Loom bands - small rubber bands that come in many different colours - are the latest craze and are being made into bracelets by children everywhere.

Lana said that Owen, who was a pupil at East Wemyss Primary and will go up to Balwearie after the summer, uses the bands to make many different styles of bracelets and the rubber bands can be found all over the house.

She said: “He enjoys making them and he had a visit to Holyrood a while back and he’s got a little interest in Scottish politics.

“He is keen to see which way the votes go on the day.

“It’s great to see him with such an interest in Scottish politics, of course not to mention his loom band craze!

“He’s definitely been selling more of the yes ones. He seems quite happy with that.

“He’s enjoying keeping track of how many of each he has sold.

“When it comes to the vote his mind’s telling him that because he’s sold more ‘yes’ bracelets that’s the way it’s going to go.

“But we’ll have to wait and see.”