Bryant family left “utterly disappointed” by Facebook troll sentence

Stewart McInroy
Stewart McInroy


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An internet troll who posted a series of vile and abusive messages on the family of missing Allan Bryant’s Facebook page had been jailed.

Stewart McInroy, (23), from Dunfermline was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment and ordered to undergo psychiatric help by Sheriff Mungo Bovey yesterday.

But the father of the missing Glenrothes man said the family has been left “utterly disappointed” at the sentence which was backdated to April 18, the date McInroy was remanded, meaning McInroy could be released in just a few weeks time when early release rules are applied.

“I certainly thought the sentence would be longer and the fact that he could be released in a few weeks time is deeply saddening to myself and my family,” Allan Bryant Snr told the Gazette.

He added: “It would not have been so bad if the sentence had started from the day of sentencing, or that the full 10 month sentence would be served but that won’t be the case and I feel that is wrong.

“The boy clearly has a number of serious issues but the disgusting and hurtful things he posted up our Facebook page were deeply distressing to us and caused heartache beyond words.”

“People need to be made aware that abuse of this nature is not acceptable in any format of in any circumstance and I don’t think that this sentence brings that home to the public.”

McInroy posted a number of offensive messages including one in whaich he claimed he was the killer Allan Bryant, the missing Glenrothes 24-year-old who hasn’t been seen since he left Styx nightclub in the town in the early hours of Sunday, November 3 last year.

Defence solicitor Michele Renton told the court; “Mr McInroy is deeply remorseful for the distress his actions have caused,” adding that he was accepting that a custodial sentence was the necessary outcome to this whole affair.

Sheriff Bovey stopped short of handing down a stiffer sentence of 15 months imprisonment due to McInroy making an early guilty plea.

He told him: “You are as very disturbed individual, a lot of which is a result of your childhood, you have been let down by parents and the system.

“Much of what you have said in your posts on Facebook reflect the abuse experienced in childhood, that to a degree is an explanation.”
But Sheriff Bovey added that McInroy was, at present, not fit to take his place in society and added that the 23-year-old make full use of the help that would be available.