Business is key to Fife’s prosperity

John Kilgour, president of the Fife Chamber of Commerce
John Kilgour, president of the Fife Chamber of Commerce

THE new president of Fife Chamber of Commerce wants business to be put to the top of the agenda to enable the Kingdom to thrive.

And John Kilgour, who addressed members at Fife Chamber’s AGM as he began his two-year term, is supporting an initiative by Fife Ecomony Partnership to improve conditions for businesses.

The Partnership is currently conducting a survey – titled ‘Making Fife the Easiest Place to Do Business’ – which aims to build a profile of the issues affecting businesses.

Mr Kilgour hopes the findings will be acted upon by those in positions to make things happen.

He said: “As president of Fife Chamber I look forward to working towards ‘Making Fife the Easiest Place to do Business’ which will be the platform required to grow the Fife economy in these challenging times.

“Business needs to be at the top of everyone’s priority list to make Fife a good place for business, and Fife Chamber will continue working closely with Fife Council, our politicians and other interested parties to help make this happen.”

Mr Kilgour said Fife Chamber’s role was, first and foremost, to represent and help its members develop, grow and prosper. Key policy areas for the year ahead included finance and banking, transport, public procurement, education and skills, renewable energy, business rates, planning and construction, and tourism.

He added: “There is also the question of possible Scottish independence and what the implications will be for business in Scotland.”

In a recent survey of Fife Chamber members, the majority of respondents didn’t believe the uncertainty over Scotland’s constitutional future and the plans for a referendum had undermined business confidence in Fife or affected investment decisions or expansion plans in the short or long term.

But 75 per cent of Fife Chamber members felt that not enough information on the implications of independence had been made available to the business community.

Mr Kilgour said Fife Chamber would be arranging a series of events to raise questions on Scotland’s future so members could make more informed judgements.

Mr Kilgour is managing director of the Fife Group, which operates warehousing, commercial property rental, self storage and removal services.

Born in Edinburgh in 1964, his early education was in Fife, before he attended Loretto School outside Edinburgh, returning to what is now Adam Smith College to study Business Management.

Mr Kilgour lives near St Andrews with his wife Victoria and three children.