Nigel celebrates 21st birthday again

Nigel Ford celebrating 21 years as a Kirkcaldy solicitor
Nigel Ford celebrating 21 years as a Kirkcaldy solicitor

A KIRKCALDY firm of solicitors is celebrating a landmark birthday with the help of some of its oldest clients.

Nigel Ford Solicitors in the town’s Tolbooth Street opened on November 1, 1991, making 
it 21 successful years in business.

Nigel, Kirkcaldy born and bred, studied law at Aberdeen University where he met his wife Fiona, who was on the same course.

After graduating Nigel got his first job in Arbroath with a small firm Clark Oliver, before moving back to Kirkcaldy where the couple set up in business for themselves. Nigel says going it alone was a “huge step”.

“We were very nervous,” he said. “All the savings we had by that time, which wasn’t that much, went into it.

“Going into business 
for yourself can be tough. If it sinks then it’s on your own head, but thankfully we haven’t.”

The firm started in a small premises in Tolbooth Street, “two rooms and a toilet!”, before moving to its current location, where it has remained successful, though Nigel admits the last couple of years have been hard.

He said: “I think any business has found it tough over the last two or three years and we’ve had to adapt.

“You have to change with the times. The rules regarding the legal profession change 
so you need to embrace them and evolve. The days of a High Street lawyer waiting for business to walk in the door are gone. We keep 
up to date with social media for example. Little 
things like that are very important.”

Now the company is planning to mark its 21st year, and 
hopes to include its very first client from back in 1991.

“We have a lot of clients that have been with us from the start,” Nigel said. “And that includes client 001, Pat Barker, a local builder who is still with us and will hopefully be coming to help us celebrate!”