Calling time on hotel

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A KIRKCALDY hotel had its licence to sell alcohol revoked this week.

The decision was made following a review of the Abbey Hotel’s license by Fife Licensing Board at a hearing on Monday.

Fife Council’s licensing standards officers had called for the review into the licence held by Shaun Dennis following a number of complaints concerning noise and poor behaviour from customers smoking outside or leaving the Milton Road premises at closing time.

The Board heard that over the last six months there had been complaints from those living nearby, concerning excessively loud music and noise disturbance from smokers and those using the outdoor seating area, as well as anti-social behaviour from people gathering in the vicinity around the premises - particularly young people.

Tony Clarke, licensing standards officer, told the board he and his colleagues had been monitoring the hotel on a regular basis, although there were not always issues.


He said several warning letters had been issued to Mr Dennis who had attempted to address issues with ‘limited success’.

Many of the complaints had been received when the Abbey Hotel was hosting 18th birthday parties, and members heard it was often not those who had been attending the premises that were responsible for the nuisance.

The agent acting on behalf of Mr Dennis said it had ‘not been a satisfactory state of affairs’ but he hoped the business had now ‘turned the corner’ with steps being taking to improve the situation.

Changes made

He said Mr Dennis had been experiencing difficulties in his personal life, but it was intended that his sister would apply to take over the license for the premises, as license holder and manager.

Changes had already been made in that no more 18th birthday parties were to be held at the hotel, the bar area would be for over 25s only and a new CCTV system was being installed.

But despite this, Fife Licensing Board members were split in their decision, between suspending or revoking the license with four votes in favour of each option.

As chairman, councillor Andrew Rodger had the deciding vote and the license was revoked with immediate effect.