Calls for parity in condition of village playparks

Newark playpark in St Monans
Newark playpark in St Monans
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RESIDENTS in St Monans have complained about the condition of one of the burgh’s playparks.

Villagers reckon the run-down facility in Newark Street should receive the same attention as the Mair Park, for which £10,000 has recently been set aside for upgrades but which residents believed was already in a far better state.

One householder who contacted the Mail described Newark as “an utter disgrace” and said it had been completely ignored.

“It was a few years ago that the council ripped out the Newark Street ‘wooden’ park,” said the resident.

“Since then, nothing has been done. The rubber matting is upturned, wooden stumps have been sawn off and it is, quite frankly, dangerous.

“The park was very well frequented for years. In the surrounding area there are a lot of children, yet they have nowhere to play unless they wish to cross busy roads. Meanwhile, the Mair, on the opposite side of town, where the tourists are, gets yet another upgrade.”

A St Monans Community Council working party, said a spokesman, had been in talks with Fife Council over replacement equipment in all village playparks.

Emphasis was to be put on the Newark Street and Queen Margaret Street areas, although Fife Council had already allocated funding to replace equipment at East Braes. These were seen as priority areas, but progress had been unfortunately slow.

An extra £10,000 had been agreed by Fife Council, specifically for the Mair, but suggestions only had been made so far about improvements, and no decisions.

“It’s expected all other parks will be refurbished before work starts in the Mair,” said the spokesman.