Consultation on new school

Buckhaven HS
Buckhaven HS

A formal consultation on the decision to close Buckhaven and Kirkland high schools will be launched by Fife Council next week.

It’s the latest stage in the process towards the creation of one, new secondary school for the Levenmouth area.

Kirkland High School and Community College

Kirkland High School and Community College

Earlier this year, a Council consultation revealed considerable support for a new Levenmouth secondary school to be built in the grounds of the current Buckhaven High.

Parents were three to one in favour, with pupils backing the proposals by two to one.

This latest consultation is a statutory requirement which the Council must carry out before closing any school.

The closure of Kirkland High will also mean the closure of its community college provision, but the Council has already entered into talks with Fife College about offering further education (FE) opportunities at the new campus.

Kenneth Greer, Fife Council’s executive director of education and learning, said: “Fife Council is already committed to building a new learning campus for Levenmouth.

“The consequences of this commitment is that the existing schools and community college will close.

“The Council is obliged to consult formally on the closure of Kirkland and Buckhaven high schools, and also on the FE-related provision.

“The proposals regarding the innovative FE provision will have an impact on the existing community college provision at Kirkland High.

“There has been early engagement with potentially-affected staff.

“The proposal to partner with Fife College has the potential for a major expansion of learning opportunities at age 15 plus, with consolidation and development of the provision currently offered by providers in the Levenmouth area.”

The proposal to provide Fife College facilities close to the new school should provide greater opportunities for young people and access to courses not normally available on a school campus.

Mr Greer added: “The focus is now on providing not only a new school; our ambition is to develop a campus which delivers education and wider learning opportunities for the whole community.”