Council pledges to act on ‘dangerous’ road

Ian Greig
Ian Greig

Fife Council has promised action on a road in north east Fife that it’s claimed is in such a poor state that it’s a risk to life.

Auchtermuchty resident Ian Greig wrote a stinging letter of complaint to transportation boss Dr Bob McLellan about the ‘appalling’ state of the road that runs from the burgh to Pitmedden Forest.

He expressed ‘complete disgust’ at the local authority’s failure to act on complaints about the state of the road surface, which he said recently resulted in a four-wheel drive vehicle skidding into a ditch in icy conditions.

“This has been caused by a continuous stream of water running down the road, which has caused numerous potholes and deterioration to the road surface,” said Mr Greig.

“Whilst some token effort is made to fill in a few of the worst offending potholes the root cause of the problem is continuously being ignored.

“I had hoped the drainage would be sorted out before the onset of winter to avoid any risk to human life but sadly not.”

Angus Carmichael, service manager for Fife Council, said: “We’d like to thank Mr Greig for highlighting these concerns. We will look into the issues he has raised and get back to him as soon as we can.”