Creative spirit thriving at community arts hub

The Arts Hub
The Arts Hub

Twelve months ago the idea of an arts hub at the heart of Kirkcaldy was coming to fruition as the doors opened to the creative community space in The Postings.

But now, the Arts Hub is providing a space for arts and creativity for many on a regular basis.

The first year of the pilot project, initiated by Janet Robertson and ON Creative, has seen many activities and events take place in the hub, which is made up of three previously vacant units in the shopping centre.

One unit has been transformed into a studio performance space, while one is an office and the other a wardrobe department.

The hub was designed to act as a focus point for groups and individuals, offering a wide range of classes in areas such as theatre, music, crafts and play.

And it’s done just that. Following taster sessions in a number of different activities there are now regular classes and workshop sessions taking place.

The team of volunteers that run the creative centre are aiming to have something for all ages.

Janet said: “It’s been quite an amazing year, a lot has been happening.

“There’s now 284 people on a weekly basis buying into something we’re running at the hub.

“We’ve everything from ‘knit and natter’ to drama programmes for young people.

“There’s people involved in singing, creating, dancing all through work spaces here in The Postings and at the Adam Smith

“It’s been fab for us and it’s great to see people interested and engaging.”

After the summer break, a new programme of sessions will be starting, with some popular ones continuing and a few new things for people to try.

But for the Arts Hub it is not all just about having a space to run classes and workshops, and a home for Youth Music Theatre Scotland (YMTS).

There’s been a whole lot more to it and a number of highlights stand out for Janet and the team.

She continued: “We’ve had some really exciting past events from having a presence at Christmas time with the creative market, through to YMTS being the pop-up flash mob for the launch of the Adam Smith Festival.

“We’ve had fashion shows in the shopping centre and costume wearing exhibitions and photography.

“We’ve had quite a diverse range of stuff going on.

“There’s been an accumulation of diversity that we hadn’t really expected, but it’s great to have that.

“For us lots of it has been for young people, but so much more has come out of this project and we’re looking to other organisations with experience in some aspects to help provide 

“It’s all about using creativity to help with regeneration and giving people the chance to get involved and be creative.

“We’re giving young people in particular the opportunity to participate and to expand their skills.

“Our Fringe project is a fabulous example of this.

“The young people are running the programme, they are doing everything from event management to marketing and ticket sales to performing.

“They are learning skills that are easily transferred into their future work or college courses.”

Steps are already being taken to expand the work that’s being done to other areas, for example Gallatown, where funding was recently approved by Kirkcaldy area committee to run a pilot project.

“We’re hoping to continue building on the work we’ve done so far,” said Janet.

“And we’d like to invite more people to get involved.

“The studio space is available to hire for use.

“If anyone has got an idea we want to hear from them and if we can support it we will.”

To contact the team at the Arts Hub in The Postings call (01592) 640604.