Crossing plan at St Bryce is knocked back

St brycedale road
St brycedale road

Plans to install a raised crossing point on a Kirkcaldy road have been ruled out by councillors following objections.

Members of the area committee met yesterday (Wednesday), and upheld two objections to put in a raised crossing on St Brycedale Road.

Ian B Smith, Fife Council’s lead professional in traffic management, said concerns had been raised by pedestrians who requested measures to help them safely cross St Brycedale Road at its junction with St Brycedale Avenue.

He said: “The proposed raised crossing point is an upgrade of the current dropped kerb and should be of benefit to wheelchair users and also to those more ambulent.

‘‘A pedestrian island in the middle of the road was considered as a way to help, but it had an impact on the turning manoeuvres of larger vehicles.”

But the committee heard there had been objections. These included: the location was unsafe; it was a direct way of punishing motorists for avoiding the Adam Smith Junction, police vehicles could be damaged and police personnel and prisoners travelling in vehicles over the crossing could suffer from whole body vibration.

Councillor Judy Hamilton said a raised crossing was unsafe and people should not be encouraged to use it.

Councillor David Ross said there was enough going on in that area for drivers to concentrate on without adding another element.

Councillor Susan Leslie suggested it would be better to look at that whole area to see what could be done to improve traffic movement and pedestrian safety.

Members upheld the objections and agreed to look at the entire area.