Cupar flood protection measures discussed

GULLY cleaning, front door protection and community responsibility featured among issues discussed at a meeting held as a follow-up to the flooding experienced in Cupar in August.

The meeting between local councillors and council officers considered the work done already to collect information on flood-prone areas.

Cupar councillor Margaret Kennedy said following weather warnings, grills that caused concern would be checked and cleaned if necessary over and above the routine clearing that occurred.

More officers were being trained in the use of the gully cleaning machine to increase north east Fife's cover to clean out gullies, particularly over the weekends.


"There are 15,000 gullies to be cleaned in north east Fife so it is a fair workload to cover," said Councillor Kennedy.

Fellow Cupar councillor, Roger Guy, said the housing service would be asked to design something that people could place at their front doors to try to stop floodwater coming in, for example a modern version of the pieces of wood used in fishing villages.

"I think it would be entirely sensible for Fife Council to come up with a design to keep water out of its own council houses," he said.

Councillor Kennedy welcomed the fact the Cupar Flood Study was now into its second stage and due to report in March 2009.

This part of the study will look in detail at risk areas along the Eden and Lady Burn and provide hydraulic assessments, draw flood envelopes around communities, calculate potential damages and insurance costs and present recommendations about any possible works.

Councillor Kennedy also urged people not to drop litter or dump rubbish and not to ignore flood warnings or drive through blocked roads.


"During this occasion of flooding, the council's transportation department received calls from stricken motorists who had driven past road closed signs or indeed emergency services," she said.

"These signs are there for a reason — our protection.

"This type of work hinders our emergency responses," she added.

A meeting of residents in Freuchie, also affected by the August floods, on Wednesday aimed to set up a flood action group to deal with issues such as drainage, watercourse management and flood prevention and protection throughout the whole village.