Dad turns midwife to deliver baby AGAIN!

Sandra Swan with Lauren, Kenneth Swan with Kimberleigh and front Jak & Kayleigh
Sandra Swan with Lauren, Kenneth Swan with Kimberleigh and front Jak & Kayleigh

A Burntisland man is considering a new career as a midwife after delivering his SECOND baby outside a hospital lift.

Kenneth Swan (36), of Rossend Terrace, knew things were moving fast when wife Sandra’s contractions came on suddenly.

But he was not prepared for the sudden arrival of little Lauren who made her appearance in the foyer of Victoria Hospital’s maternity unit, just as he got back from parking his car.

He just had time to put up his hand to guide the baby out and catch her after a midwife, who had greeted his wife, went to grab a wheelchair to take her up in the lift to the delivery suite.

And his previous experience of delivering the second of his four children, Kayleigh (2), at the family’s previous home in Harbour Place in January 2011, stood him in good stead as 9lbs Lauren made her impromptu appearance.

“I couldn’t believe I was playing midwife again because, after our previous experience, we acted really quickly to ensure Sandra made it to the hospital on time,” said Kenneth, a seasonal gardener.

“She had been having mild contractions the previous night, but although I kept asking her to let me know if they were getting stronger, she said she was fine.

“About 4.30 p.m. they started getting stronger, so we phoned Sandra’s mum Evelyn to come round to babysit the children and Sandra phoned the hospital to let them know we were on our way.”

A mad dash, which Kenneth described as “the longest journey ever” followed, with the car being stopped at almost every set of lights en route to the hospital.

“We got to the hospital and I drove right up to the ambulance drop off point and Sandra got out and went to go in via the children’s ward entrance. I went and parked the car and luckily there was a space nearby.

“When I got back a midwife was leading Sandra to the lift, but she stopped and said she couldn’t go any further and the midwife went to get her a wheelchair. At that point she shouted that the baby’s head was coming and I was trying to get her trousers and underwear down.

“I put my hand up just in time to feel the baby’s head being delivered and managed to guide her out as around 10 midwives arrived. I even remembered to check what time it was, which impressed the midwives. Luckily the foyer was very quiet so Sandra wasn’t too exposed.”

After cutting the cord, Sandra, Kenneth and their new daughter were taken to the ward and checked over. They were allowed home around seven hours later.

“It was quite an adventure but despite the shock I am feeling really good about delivering Lauren,” added Kenneth.