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Tom Devine

Tom Devine

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World-famous historian Professor Tom Devine has been unveiled as the guest speaker at the 2013 Adam Smith Lecture.

Professor Devine, who lectures at Edinburgh University, will speak in Kirkcaldy on Thursday June 6.

In recent years the prestigious Adam Smith Lecture has been delivered by Kofi Annan, former General Secretary of the United Nations, Professor Alan Greenspan, former head of the United States Federal Reserve, Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England and James Wolfenson, the president of the World Bank.

The focus and emphasis of this year’s lecture by Professor Devine will be on ‘Adam Smith’s Scotland’ and Professor Devine will put the economist’s life and work in the context of his education and residence in Kirkcaldy.

The professor is not only author of ‘The History of the Scottish Nation’, but more recently a book on Scottish emigration called ‘To the Ends of the Earth’.

Gordon Brown MP has once again helped organise the lecture.

He said: “Professor Devine is one of the great historians in Scotland and will be much welcomed as someone who has got a great reputation for his ability to talk about Scotland’s history.

“We are delighted that someone as prestigious as Professor Devine has been prepared to accept our invitation to speak.”

Michael Levack, chairman of the Adam Smith Global Foundation, said “This will be a major boost to our ambitious programme and cement the strong start we have made in the work of The Adam smith Global 

Martin McGuire, interim principal, Adam Smith College, said: “Events such as these provide an excellent opportunity for our students to gain valuable experience.”

For further information or an invite to the lecture contact the Adam Smith Global Foundation on (01592) 267171 or e-mail