Do you have a heart and home?

Chernobyl children  on a visit to a Fife craft centre in 2013
Chernobyl children on a visit to a Fife craft centre in 2013

A caring host who has helped give Chernobyl children the chance of a healthier future is looking for volunteers to offer a heart - and a home.

Patrick Reddington has fundraised for Chernobyl Children’s Life Line for a year to bring a group of ten children to Fife this July.

But, to make this recuperative trip a reality, the children will be relying on local families to put them up for two weeks or, hosts willing, a month.

“Host families appreciate what they are able to do for these children but its amazing how much enjoyment they get from the experience themselves,” said Patrick (56), who lives in Kirkcaldy.

“Hosts don’t have to clothe or even entertain the children for the duration of the trip, only provide bed and board.”

The ten children - all aged around 10 years old - come from an impoverished background in Belarus.

”They get a break from contaminated air and food, they get healthier and fitter and see a bit of the world,” said Patrick.

“Psychologically they benefit as well - they have a ball and it’s a great experience for them being here.”

On arrival, the children are given free clothes and the charity takes them on numerous day trips to local attractions such as Deep Sea World and Edinburgh Castle.

In addition, events such as parties and ceilidhs are also planned throughout the stay.

“It’s brilliant to see how these children can become a part of the family,” said Patrick.

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