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AN EAST Neuk stalwart who racked up more than 10 years’ service as the secretary of one of the area’s community groups has hit out at its likely demise.

Jim Braid was an original member of the Anstruther Community Regeneration Project (ACRP) set up in 1999, which the Mail revealed is to hold an extraordinary general meeting next month to examine a proposal put forward by its committee to dissolve it.

After reading the story Mr Braid contacted the paper to express his own disappointment and said he hoped that one day a new group would form to take over some of its proposals.

In particular Mr Braid, who left the ACRP in 2010, highlighted his desire for the controversial plan for the redevelopment of the town’s harbour masters office and public toilets building to be resurrected.

He told the Mail: “The ACRP committee, came to the conclusion that we should provide modern toilets, showers, laundering and drying facilities for both visiting and local boat owners, and also to provide better restroom facilities for the local residents and visitors to the area.

“In addition to this we wanted the new building to include an elevated harbour masters office with a unrestricted view over the marina and the general harbour area, and also a multifunction facility which could be used for meetings, corporate functions, display of the items which have been collected by the Burgh Collection group, and possible tourist information related 

“Unfortunately, some individuals who objected to the redevelopment of the site for their own particular reasons or vested interests managed to be elected on to the ACRP committee and to say this slowed up progress would be an understatement.

“I am fully aware that present economic conditions make it very hard for this project to proceed at this point.

“Some time in the future, and I hope it’s not too distant, a new group will come to realise that the proposal had tremendous merit and would be a major asset to the town and surrounding area.”

Mr Braid further disputed claims suggested locally that the reason the ACRP was folding was due to money 
not being available and that there was too many other groups of a similar interest operating in the area.

The ACRP’s extraordinary general meeting is scheduled to take 
place on February 5 at 7.30 p.m. in the Burgh Chambers of Anstruther Town Hall.