Drink & drive - and we’ll take your car

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FIFE Police launched their annual festive drink and drug driving campaign this week with a stark warning - drive over the limit and you could lose your car.

The nationwide, ACPOS led campaign, will see the introduction of tough new measures targeting first time offenders who provide a sample for analysis, which is three times the legal limit or more, and also those offenders who refuse to provide a sample for analysis without a reasonable excuse.

As well as receiving a criminal record, a substantial fine and an automatic 12 month ban, these drivers may now have their vehicle seized and, on conviction, have it taken away – for good.

Chief Inspector David McCulloch, head of road policing in Fife, said: “Tackling the menace that drink and drug filled drivers bring to our roads at this time of the year means we will be increasing the number of patrols on Fife’s busy road network.

“Police will be out in force across the Kingdom in both marked and unmarked vehicles and will regularly be acting on information provided by the public to catch those who flaunt the law.

Check points

“Stop points will be carried out on rural roads and in towns to deter and detect those who endanger themselves and others.”

And CI McCulloch warned there is no excuse for taking the risk.


“Every driver who is stopped for an offence, is involved in an accident or smells of alcohol is guaranteed to be breathalysed,” he said.

“If you take the chance to drive while under the influence there is a strong possibility that someone will report you or a police crew will pull you over.

“Take a taxi, arrange a lift from a friend or family member but don’t take the car and avoid walking home as every year tragedy befalls a Fife family when a loved one is knocked down walking home after a night out.

“Last year the public provided information regarding concerns over drink driving by motorists.

‘‘I would encourage them to contact us if they have information about anyone they consider to be drinking or taking drugs and driving.”