Efforts to make roads safer welcomed by MSP

North East fife MSP Rod Campbell.
North East fife MSP Rod Campbell.

Following a spate of recent car accidents throughout north east Fife, MSP Roderick Campbell has welcomed information provided by Keith Brown MSP, Minister for Transport and Veterans, indicating progress is being made to make Scotland’s roads safer.

In a series of written questions, Mr Campbell received answers outlining the fact that north east Fife had seen three fatal casualties in road accidents with 11 throughout all of Fife, both of which showed a reduction on 2010’s figures where there were six and 13 deaths, respectively.

Speaking about the figures, Mr Campbell said: “I am pleased that road-accident related deaths have decreased over the past year, however there is still room to further reduce these unnecessary, avoidable fatalities.

“Measures to prevent road crashes in north east Fife can be found in ‘Fife’s Safer Travel Strategy 2008-2011’, and hopefully the implementation of ‘Fife’s Road Safety Action Plan 2012-2015’ will see further improvements in road safety in the area.”

A number of recent accidents has seen the spotlight shine on road safety in north east Fife again in recent weeks, with the A92, in particular, bearing witness to dangerous collisions.

Mr Campbell added: “Of course, I would like to see the numbers of road accident related deaths increase further which is why I am pleased to see the Scottish Government’s targets in the Scotland’s Road Safety Framework are generally being met, or bettered, ahead of schedule. I hope that this, tied with a possible reduction in the drink drive limit in the future, will see fewer needless, preventable deaths.”