Factor in no smoking message for youngsters

Youngsters at Dalgety Bay Primary School enjoy Smoke Factor.
Youngsters at Dalgety Bay Primary School enjoy Smoke Factor.
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Youngsters in Fife have been warned of the perils of smoking through a new interactive theatre production.

Smoke Factor aims to reduce tobacco experimentation amongst primary school aged children.

The initiative works in two parts – first in the classroom, where teachers deliver activity sessions focussing on subjects including the history of tobacco, its contents, the harmful effects, and marketing influences.

Theatre takes over for the second part of initiative with a clear smoking prevention message. The production is bright, loud and fun, and children are encouraged to sing along to the songs they have learned during the earlier activity sessions.

Last year 1158 pupils from 25 different schools across Fife took part in Smoke Factor, and by the end of this year’s run 130 out of 141 local authority schools will have taken part. Both teachers and pupils reporting a positive experience.

NHS Fife health promotion officer Fiona Lockett explained: “We hope that this initiative will help turn future generations of adults away from tobacco and help them to lead longer, healthier lives.”