Farewell to ‘purrfect’ Tesco cat ...

Locals have been paying tribute to a Kirkcaldy supermarket’s best known customer, the Tesco Cat, after his death was announced at the weekend.

Tiger, who died of old age, was well loved by the hundreds of shoppers who visited the Tesco store in Hunter Street.

Tiger the Tesco cat

Tiger the Tesco cat

The cat was a regular visitor, often to be found sitting in the Hunter Street entrance to the store - or curled up in one of the trolley seats.

A Facebook page, set up in honour of the furry feline in November 2012, revealed the news of his passing on Friday.

Tiger - who lived nearby - was also a regular and welcome visitor to many shops and businesses along Hunter Street where people would leave food and milk for him.

The administrators of Tiger’s Facebook page said the sad news would be their last post on the site.

They said: “He will be missed by all of us, but he will always leave a forever lasting mark in our town.”

So far the announcement has received 555 ‘likes’ and more than 200 people have commented on it.

One tribute said: “Tiger will be missed by everyone that was lucky enough to have known him.”

Out of respect to the rightful owners of Tiger, the Facebook page is to be deleted.

The organisers added: ‘‘We would like to thank you all for the massive support throughout the years and the reception Tesco Cat received from all of you!”

Watch here an edited version of a short film made by members of Kirkcaldy YMCA in December 2013 which told the story of Tiger, the Tesco cat.