Fife Council wants cash to help redevelop derelict sites

Fife Coastal Path'Winding gear at Frances Colliery
Fife Coastal Path'Winding gear at Frances Colliery

Fife Council is pushing for access to a national fund which will help bring vacant and derelict sites in the Kingdom back into use.

Councillor Lesley Laird, the newly elected deputy leader, has called for Fife to be included as one of the local authorities eligible to apply to the Scottish Government’s Vacant and Derelict Land Fund.

A total of £96.6m has been allocated since the fund was established in 2004, but only to five local authorities.

Cllr Laird pointed out Fife was fourth in terms of overall total amount of vacant and derelict land, and believed the Council had a very strong case to be included.

She said: “We have 199 sites which are classed as either vacant or derelict, 147 of those are in towns or villages and 141 are within two miles of areas of multiple deprivation.”

According to the Fife Vacant and Derelict Land Audit 2013, published in December, the Kirkcaldy area has 32 sites covering a total of 28.2 hectares.

Sites listed in the audit include Frances Colliery at Dysart, the former bus depot and Nairns sites in Kirkcaldy, Grange Distillery in Burntisland and the former tannery in Kinghorn.

Cllr Laird added: “Making best use of vacant and derelict land is important to help improve and regenerate towns and villages.”