FP100 Fife bands 35. Newtown Grunts

Newtown Grunts
Newtown Grunts

Punk/ska outfit the Newtown Grunts were formed around 1991 by Skinz (Eric Kinell). who, seeking a new musical direction, had earlier jumped ship from Glenrothes-base anarcho-punksters A.U.K.

Originally going by the name Kicked Pus, The Grunts’ line-up was many and varied over the years – Rod Drysdale (vocals), Big Brian Murdock (vocals), Norri ‘Soapy’ Sills (vocals, replaced Big Brian), Lynne Collins (vocals, replaced Big Brian), Gav Noble (RIP, lead guitar), Ricky Blanco (lead guitar, replaced Gav), Shomit (lead guitar, replaced Ricky), Skinz (rhythm guitar), Mark ‘Dolly’ Dolatowski (bass), Spooky Paul Barnes (bass, replaced Dolly), Dave Peggie (bass, replaced Spooky Paul), Graham (bass, replaced Peggie), Adam Lawson (drums), Mike (drums, (replaced Adam).

Between the mid 90s and 2000s, they produced two albums – Day of The Jakey (given four stars by Kerrang magazine) and Disgruntled – and a number of singles, before their grunting came to an end around 2003.

However, in their day, they were famed for the quality of their live performances, notching up a couple of hundred gigs and appearing on the same bill as the likes of The Misfits, Bouncing Souls, Dropkick Murphys, Horace Pinker, The Exploited and The Stinky Pinkies.

Music to drink Buckie to!