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Hamish McHamish
Hamish McHamish
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Hamish McHamish

For several years, a fluffy ginger cat roamed around the streets of St Andrews, becoming something of a local celebrity as he visited shops and businesses in the town.

His fame was finally officially recognised with the unveiling of a bronze statue in April last year, following a fundraising appeal started by local woman Flora Selwyn which raised £5000.

The statue, created by Kilmany-based sculptor David Annand and Fife stonemason Colin Sweeney, was unveiled by Provost of Fife Jim Leishman. Hamish even made a fleeting appearance at the ceremony, but quickly became wary of all the fuss and wandered off.

Despite belonging to Marianne Baird, Hamish preferred the nomadic life, his appearances being welcomed by visitors, students and residents, with many stopping to give him a cuddle. He had his own Facebook page and Twitter account, keeping his many followers up to date with his antics, and was the subject of a book ‘Hamish McHamish of St Andrews: Cool Cat About Town’ by Susan McMullan.

Sadly, in September last year, just a few months after his statue was unveiled, Hamish passed away at the age of 15.