Fundraising on a plate at Muddy Boots!

YOU'VE heard of footprints, fingerprints and even handprints ... but now a local businesswoman has come up with a novel form of body art to raise cash for charity.

Trina Samson, proprietor of Muddy Boots at Balmalcolm, is inviting ladies to think pink and help raise funds for breast cancer research by baring their boobs to create a unique piece of art.

But she promises that it will all be done in the best possible taste!

Trina explained: "The event will be held over two evenings — the first is on January 15, when there'll be a women-only session to make the actual boobprints.

"We'll be providing screens, so it will all be very discreet.

"Then comes the fun part, which is creating a plate using the prints as inspiration.

"Once the ladies have finished their designs, we'll glaze the plates, then about a week later everyone will be invited back with their partners to collect the finished article."

It costs 30 to take part in the boobprint event, 20 of which will go to charity.

For further information or to book a place, call Muddy Boots on 01337 831222.