Glenrothes councillor feels force of quarry blast

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Leslie, North Glenrothes and Markinch Councillor, Kay Morrison was on hand to witness the latest blast at Lomond Quarry, reports NEIL HENDERSON.

She met with members of the Lomond Quarry Action Group (LAQG) and residents in Patterson Cottages to experience first-hand the effects of the blasting that has angered many there in recent months.

She spoke with several of those living closest to the quarry boundary and listened to their concerns regarding the long-term effects the blasting programme will have on the immediate residential area.

Niki Laird, whose home is just 55 metres away from the quarry boundary told the Councillor; “We have grave concerns of the effects these blasts will have to our properties over a long period of time.

“We have not moved our homes, it’s the quarry that has moved closer to us as the site has been expanded.”

Miss Laird said: “I’ve lived here for nearly 20 years now and have had worries about the detrimental effects of the quarry on the local community for some time.

“Until the formation of the residents action group, I’ve never felt able to complain to Fife Council or raise my concerns, but at least now the individuals can have a voice through the group.”

Councillor Morrison was alongside residents to witness the LQAG who have embarked on their own independent monitoring of the blasting following Fife Council no longer measuring individual blasts.

Council officials initially published their own and the owners of the Quarry, Skene Group’s monitoring results but the LQAG felt the need to carry out their own measurements.

John Wincott, Vice Chair of the LQAG said: “Fife Council no longer feel there is a need to measure the blasts and have even stopped publishing the results supplied by quarry officials.

“Therefore it was up to us to carry out our own independent monitoring with the latest Vibroc V901 monitoring equipment.”

Councillor Kay said: “There is a real need to have independent blast monitoring now that Fife Council no longer does so, and to get a feel first-hand just what the residents are dealing with close to the site.”