Glenrothes set to ban cold callers

Cold callers to be banned in parts of Glenrothes
Cold callers to be banned in parts of Glenrothes

Cold callers are set to be banned from parts of Glenrothes under a new scheme being introduced by Police Scotland to protect vulnerable members of the community.

Trading standards officers have joined the police to work together to deter doorstep selling and reduce offences linked to rogue traders.

The first area taking part is Woodside in Glenrothes where lamp post signs and window stickers will signal the area as a ‘No Cold Calling Zone’.

The new scheme will be introduced on April 1 and there is no time scale for it to finish.

Sergeant Colin Falconer of Police Scotland, said: “The aim is to ensure people feel safe in their own homes and don’t feel pressured to buy goods and services on the doorstep, even from bona-fide traders.

“It also aims to reduce the number of people who fall prey to non-legitimate traders who overcharge, carry out poor quality work or take money without completing any of the work required.

“On introduction of the ‘No Cold Call Zone’ anybody attempting to trade door to door leaves themselves open to being dealt with by Trading Standards for aggressive sales practices.

“The aim is to reduce the levels of hurt this causes to extremely vulnerable members of Fife’s local communities.

“These crimes often go unreported because victims are too embarrassed or too intimidated to report them.

“We want to empower communities to look out for their neighbours and report any suspicious activity.”

Consultations to inform local residents about the scheme will take place today and tomorrow at the Lomond Centre, Glenrothes, with all residents welcome.