Glenrothes 'UFO' mystery solved?

THE mystery surrounding 'red balls' seen in the skies over Glenrothes recently could have been solved.

Eleven-year-old Bryanne George contacted the Gazette this week with a possible explanation for the strange phenomenon witnessed by residents a few weekends ago.

She explained: "There was a triple birthday party held on the Saturday (September 25] in the Balbirnie area, for my Auntie Elaine's 50th and my gran and grandad's 74th.

"At about 9.30pm eight Chinese lanterns were let loose on the unsuspected people of the area, not knowing the result of the panic it would cause.

"The lanterns took off at speed and were seen to overtake one another heading for Leslie and beyond.

"It seems two of them must have failed as only six were spotted.

"We had joked about something appearing in the Gazette and then when we saw the story last week we laughed and thought we'd better get in touch.

"We hope this will clear up the panic and worry this has caused."

Last week Leslie woman, Marjorie Lindsay told how she, along with her partner and a friend, had seen 'red balls' in the sky at around 9.40pm on Saturday, September 25.

And prior to learning of Bryanne's possible solution to the mystery, May Carson backed Ms Lindsay's claims that there was something strange above the town that night.

Mrs Carson said she was being driven back from work at Leonard Cheshire Home, along Western Avenue by her husband Robert when they first noticed the balls at around 9.45pm.

She said: "We saw about four of them at first and the guy who was driving in front of us actually mounted the pavement and stopped the car, presumably to get out and have a look.

"We just slowed down a wee bit, but kept driving.

"They had been still at first, but then they whizzed over by the area around Tullis Russell and by that time there were six of them.

"I just really forgot about it until I read the story in the 'Gazette''.