Has there bin some confusion?

Early stages of the new bin system refuse to go smoothly
Early stages of the new bin system refuse to go smoothly
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THE changeover of how bins are collected appears to have left some people puzzled...thanks to Fife Council.

A mix-up in distributing collection calendars, detailing the new 6am-9pm system, has left a number of residents not knowing on what day their bins will be picked up, while others have been told not to recycle to begin with.

The new method went live a week past Monday and, in preparation, all residents were supposed to have been posted out a new calender of collection dates, with tailored digital versions also made available online.

However, mistakes in the distribution led to some people receiving two calendars and others not even getting one.

One Leven resident who received two said her second calendar was hand-delivered by a Fife Council employee who had a “van load”.

The bewildered homeowner contacted the Mail to ask why the local authority was “wasting money” posting and hand-delivering them.

A spokesperson for Fife Council told the Mail, in this case, it wasn’t sure if it had managed correctly to send the right calendars to her street and, therefore, re-issued them to be on the safe side.

Outside of Leven, things haven’t fared much better.

A reader, from Upper Largo, said she still hasn’t received a calendar, whereas residents of some rural houses were left confused after they were told to ignore their online version – with a message on the council’s website stating some people’s were incorrect.

Meanwhile, the council has also said it is making an exception to allow some residents to use their brown food and garden waste bin for landfill waste until the first round of new collections is complete.

Residents who find they have to wait longer than two weeks between their last collection on the old system and their first on the new have been told to use their brown bin, should their landfill bin become full.

Despite Fife Council aiming to send no waste to landfill by 2020 and boasting of its recycling rates eclipsing the targets set by the Scottish Government, a spokesperson added: “Regrettably, for this collection only, some of the contents of the brown bin may be sent to landfill.

“As soon as your brown bin has been emptied, please use it for food and garden waste only if you have four bins, and garden waste only if you have three bins.”

The recycling of the contents of the brown bin is due to start again from October 29.

Fife Council has also extended thanks to residents for their patience and co-operation during the changes.

•If you still don’t have a calendar, call the Recycling helpline on 08451 55 00 22.