Health chief says there are parking spaces at Vic

KIRKCALDY;'Cars parked everywhere because of lack of parking at Victoria Hospital and local residents are not happy. 'Photo ; WALTER NEILSON
KIRKCALDY;'Cars parked everywhere because of lack of parking at Victoria Hospital and local residents are not happy. 'Photo ; WALTER NEILSON
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There are already enough car parking spaces for all at the Victoria Hospital site - if you know where to find them.

That was the message from NHS Fife operations chief, Dave Stewart this week.

Members of the health board’s operational division heard yesterday (Wednesday) a review of car parking facilities at the hospital site is underway and once work is completed on car park ‘H’ - expected at the end of next week - there will be another 108 spaces for visitors.

Brian Gillespie, head of estates, said the first meeting of the review group has already taken place and they will be focusing on three main car parks - A and B on Lauder Road, and H on the other side of the site.

The group, which will include staff representatives as well as those from patient forum groups, was keen up to ensure better use could be made of parking facilities after a string of complaints following the opening of the new wing.

Once car park ‘H’ is completed, an extra 386 parking spaces will have been provided at the site in the past year.

Dave Stewart, chairman, said he’d gone and surveyed the car parks himself.

He said: “I took it upon myself to do a wee survey.

“On a Friday morning at 11.00 a.m. at the top of Whyteman’s Brae there were 114 empty spaces.

“On a Monday afternoon - one of our busiest times with visitors - there were still 30 empty spaces there.

“My point is before we open the other 108 spaces due for completing we already have empty spaces available.

“I do recognise that some people may not be aware of the car park at the top of Whyteman’s Brae and I realise it may not be suitable for everyone - but for visitors, most of whom are fit people, there are spaces permanently available at this hospital.

“They are available almost all of the time - we need to make the public aware of that.”

Mr Stewart said Whyteman’s Brae was just a “six minute and 30 second walk - I’ve timed it”.

He continued: “There is no need for staff to park in Yetholm Way at all, but I notice some still do because they can’t see a space in car park A.

“It’s much better on Yetholm Way because they now are parking only on one side.

“It is improving as we open more spaces, but it could be better still if that small number of staff went to Whyteman’s Brae and had a wee walk down.”

The meeting also heard once car park ‘H’ is complete, there will be 331 spaces reserved exclusively for patients.

Out-patients are advised to bring their appointment letter with them and show it to the attendant who will let them in the car park.