Cameron opens new hub to help with stroke rehab’

Front, from left,  Anne Beaton (Activities Co-ord), Niall & Yvonne Shaw (Kinghorn), Maureen Guthrie (Occ Therapy Asst) - Yvonne Shaw. 2512089
Front, from left, Anne Beaton (Activities Co-ord), Niall & Yvonne Shaw (Kinghorn), Maureen Guthrie (Occ Therapy Asst) - Yvonne Shaw. 2512089

A NEW stroke rehabilitation hub has been officially opened in Windygates.

Funded by Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland (CHSS), the innovative centre at Cameron Hospital’s Letham ward uses new methods of care in a bid to help stroke patients recover quicker.

Using practical equipment – that can improve balance, standing and upper limb strength – it is hoped the hub will increase the time spent by patients working on their rehabilitation, helping with the transition from staying in hospital to living at home again.

Two computers are also being utilised in the hub. On each speech and language therapy programmes have been installed and occupational therapy programmes are also available to help with thinking, problem solving and remembering. There is even a programme to practise driving skills.

Every patient in attendance will also be given a rehabilitation programme to work on with help from volunteers, family and friends, at times convenient to them, to support work which is already being done with the rehabilitation team.

Lorna Nicholson, a speech and language therapist at the hospital, explained: “We’ve gathered client stories and the feedback we’ve received has stressed how important it is to have friends and family involved to help individuals adapt to life after stroke.

“It makes sense to have carers, family and friends involved early on, as I am often asked by carers ‘what can we do to help?’.

“At the hub, we encourage patients to get on with therapy themselves by choosing to use, or to do what is most meaningful to them.

“We have a mix of trained staff, support staff and volunteers who can support clients, their carers and their family and friends, as well as providing advice on how to best use the facilities. Social groups held regularly by the ward activities co-ordinator are key in supporting patients to use the hub.”

Alastair Robertson, chair of the Kirkcaldy and Levenmouth community health partnership, added he was delighted the hub had become partners with Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland.

Its chief executive, David Clark, said: “CHSS is delighted to support this project, which will help improve outcomes for patients. 

“We are sure the Letham Rehab Hub will give people who have had a stroke a chance to be involved from the start in their rehabilitation, and the confidence to manage their own progress towards the best possible recovery.”

The ward’s success will be evaluated after a year and the results shared with the rest of the stroke network in Fife and with CHSS.