If you’re flush...bijou loo with a sea view

Public convenience building, Mitchell Street, Leven
Public convenience building, Mitchell Street, Leven

Two spacious rooms with ample toilet facilities... even if you have a family of ten!

If you’re in the market for something a bit unusual, you could be in luck as Fife Council is selling off its former public convenience site at Mitchell Street in Leven.

The public loos have been out of action as toilets for a number of years and have most recently been used by Fife Council as a storage site.

The building will go to auction on June 10 and similar facilities have fetched upwards of £30,000, with one in St Andrew’s selling for a record £200,000 in 2007.

Fife Council is doing away with the building, which sits next to the Caledonian Hotel car park, as it is surplus to requirement.

Damien Woods, service manager, parks, streets and open spaces, said: “The public toilet on Mitchell Street was closed a number of years ago and has since been used for the local storage of street cleaning equipment. We’ve recently started using mobile storage for the equipment, so this facility is no longer needed and will therefore be sold.”

Fife Council confirmed the reserve price will be advertised before the auction in the catalogue and a board on-site, and that any funds raised will go toward off-setting the Council’s budget deficit.

Anyone interested in buying the building with the view to changing its use will need to go through the statutory planning process. The only remaining public loos in Leven are situated at the promenade.

And there is a bit of history to the site, as the building stands on the spot of the childhood home of international folk singer Jean Redpath.