Ingolstadt connection

Ingolstadt 2012
Ingolstadt 2012

ROTARIANS from Kirkcaldy have been reflecting a wonderful trip to Germany where they took to the skies and stepped back in time.

On the trip to Bavaria were 11 club memnbers plus friends and partners, and Tracy McCallum, president of the Rotary Club of Kirkcaldy Raith.

They were there as guests of their twin club in Ingolstadt - also Kirkcaldy’s twin town.

Rod Scott, secretary, explained: He said: “We have been involved with them for 25 years and built up a good relationship in that time.

“We have a trip every two years - they were here two years ago and will be coming back here in 2014.

“Some of our members stayed with guests in their homes, while others were in a hotel in Ingolstadt.

“It was fantastic. The Ingolstadt Rotarians had put on a full programme for us.”

This programme of events included day trips to the historic town of Regensburg, flying in a light aircraft, a guided tour of the Audi factory and visiting a fossil museum in Willibaldsburg. They were also entertained at night at barbecue with Bavarian and Scottish folk music and a lavish meal in a hunting lodge.

Rod added that there were some fears during their flight around the area: “It was raining quite heavily, and we had a bit of turbulence.

“The people in the plane with me were beginning to wonder if we had done the right thing when we took off!

“It was great though - the view was amazing and we got some great photos.”