Isle of May embraces two-minute clean-up campaign

Two-minute beach clean-up on May Isle.
Two-minute beach clean-up on May Isle.

The Isle of May is the latest location to join in a worldwide beach clean-up campaign.

Staff and volunteers on the island regularly clean the beaches on the island, both because the rubbish is a hazard to wildlife and as it spoils what is a special place for visitors.

However, last week the team embraced an initiative taking off worldwide that urges anyone visiting a beach to spend just two minutes picking up rubbish.

On the Isle of May, the results at Pilgrims Haven were mostly plastic, including about 40 bottles.

Reserve manager David Pickett explained it was a way everyone could get involved in cleaning the beaches they visited.

“Of course it doesn’t cure the problem of avoidable pollution of beaches but I always think that if everyone took sometime to clear up some rubbish they would be more responsible in disposing of their own as they would have a better idea of the mess and impact it causes,” David added.

The campaign went viral online after being featured on a BBC film about a Lego spillage on a Newquay beach - see