It’s playtime!

Gordon brown MP cuts the ribbon and officially opens the new Pathhead PS playground area
Gordon brown MP cuts the ribbon and officially opens the new Pathhead PS playground area

Pupils at a Kirkcaldy primary school were jumping for joy after National Lottery funding helped pave the way to a new playground.

Pathhead Primary had been without any proper playground equipment or markings for many years, and they were delighted when the new facilities were officially opened by Gordon Brown MP last week.

The parent council applied for £10,000 from the ‘Awards For All’ scheme earlier this year, as well as funds from the locality budget, and the go-ahead for work to begin was given in October.

“It’s all been very quick, really all within two or three weeks,” said Julie Anderson, headteacher. “We found out that we had been awarded the funding just before the October holidays, and it was all installed by November.”

The pupil council, alongside teachers Helen Wood and Emma Murphy, helped to plan their funding bid, including creating their own designs.

Helen said: ‘‘The new playground has been a huge hit since it was finished two weeks ago and has all of the equipment the children hoped for including two wooden trim rails, wooden goals, basket ball nets, a climbing wall and new playground markings comprising of an alphabet snake and a team games court.”

Julie said the new facilities have had a real impact.

“They have made a tremendous difference,’’ she said. ‘‘The kids are using it really well and just totally loving it.

“Hopefully this will act as a starter and we can look ahead to developing it further in the future.”

Speaking at the opening of the playground, Mr Brown said: “This is a very big investment in improving Pathhead School made possible by the parents, staff and pupils who applied to the National Lottery and received £10,000.

“My congratulations to the community for making this possible through their efforts.”