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From The Jam
From The Jam

THE sounds of The Jam are coming to Fife next week, complete with one of the band’s original members

From The Jam, who gained an immediate reputation for the kind of incendiary ‘live’ performances that sealed the reputation of The Jam all those years ago, play Dunfermline’s Carnegie Hall on Friday.

Bass player Bruce Foxton is joined by Russell Hastings and Mark Brzezicki (Big Country) as they tour the country as From the Jam.

The band’s latest tour also coincides with the release of a new album ‘Back in the Room’, released under the name Foxton and their single ‘Number Six’ is out on Monday.

Bruce says it’s exciting times for the trio and they are looking forward to getting out on the road again.

He told the Press: “Scotland, I’ve said it to a few other people, it’s always been kind and appreciative to The Jam.

“Since 1976/77 when we started out it’s always been a great country to come play in.

“Not sure why it is, but they seem to appreciate the music more – not that they don’t appreciate it down south, but from the Midlands up it gets better and better. It’s good fun.

“We’ve got exciting times ahead with the new tracks too.”

It’s been 35 years since The Jam released their debut album ‘In the City’, and the Fife date is one of only a select number of shows From The Jam will perform the album in its entirety as well as some of the greatest hits.

But how does it feel for Bruce to still be playing the much loved songs after all these years?

“It’s great, most of the songs have stood the test of time.

“They still sound good on the radio and the lyrics are still relevant today.

“All three of us – Russell, Mark and myself – give it 100 per cent and perform those songs with as much passion as when I performed them all those years ago.

“We’ve got this new album so we’ve got some new tracks mixed in with The Jam classics.”

‘Back in the Room’ features tracks written by Bruce and vocalist/guitarist Russell Hastings.

“There’s 12 songs, two instrumentals,” says Bruce.

“I’m very proud of the record regardless of what it does or doesn’t do.

“It’s creating more awareness and letting people know I’m still here and still doing it – hence the title of the album, ‘Back in the Room’.

“The music is a continuation of what I did in The Jam.

“We haven’t tried to emulate the great songs. We’ve just sat down and played, it’s what comes naturally.

“I’d describe it as great melodic pop songs I guess if you want to pigeonhole it.

“From the start Russell and myself knew we had something good going.

“All you can do when you’re in a band is be happy with what you’re singing and playing.

“I’m 100 per cent pleased with what we’ve produced – it’s great.”

And the new album features two special guests – Stax and Blues Brothers legend Steve Cropper, and Paul Weller.

Bruce and Weller recently reconciled following family bereavements.

Bruce continued: “I’d been good friends with Paul Weller for years and that friendship has blossomed again recently.

“I played with him a few years back on stage at the Albert Hall, and I recorded bass on his track ‘Fast Car/Slow Traffic’.

“Paul also kindly agreed to play on my album.

“We’ve also got Steve Cropper on it - that was amazing to get him on the album.

“And of course, we recorded the album at Paul Weller’s studios.

“It’s been a good vibe [with the album] from start to finish.

“I got a very similar feeling in terms of how good I felt it was and we got something very happy with, like when we recorded ‘Mod Cons’.

“I had similar feelings then. It’s exciting times.

“The best I can hope for is it raises our profile.”

With new material being mixed in with The Jam classics, how are the fans responding to the new tracks?

“We’ve got a single out ‘Number Six’, that comes out as a download on September 24 and we’ve done a video for it.

“It’s got 4000 hits online.

“That’s going down fantastically at gigs, it blends in to the set almost seamlessly.

“We play three other new ones ‘Drifting Dreams’, ‘Find My Way Home’ and ‘Window Shopping’.

“They are going well. The crowd are not going nuts, because they’ve not really heard them before.

“But any new material you ever do is 
the same – people take time and a few listens to get used to and know a song.”

And what of the future plans for Bruce and From The Jam?

“The dates for the UK keep coming and coming,” he said.

“There’s still a demand for what we are doing.

“I’m no spring chicken anymore but I’ll keep doing this as long as I can physically do it and audiences still want to hear it.”