Kirkcaldy aims high in 2013

The new look Kirkcaldy museum will be unveiled in 2013
The new look Kirkcaldy museum will be unveiled in 2013

2013 is set to be a very good year for Kirkcaldy.

Many exciting projects will come to fruition next year which will help to rejuvenate the town centre.

These include the refurbishment of the sea wall, Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery and the Town House as well as the opening of the new swimming pool and leisure centre.

And other plans to boost Kirkcaldy town centre are making good progress thanks to Kirkcaldy Ambitions - the group set up to lead work on an action plan for the town following the summit event held in summer.

The new year will see more formal partnership arrangements develop as it delivers on key projects.

Initiatives such as a scheme by Fife Council and Kirkcaldy4All to improve the appearance of the Esplanade car park with festive lights and the introduction of a “free after three” car parking scheme in the run up to Christmas were the first of many plans on the group’s agenda.

Councillor Neil Crooks, chairman of the Kirkcaldy area committee, said: “People have had the chance to have their say on a wide range of local issues including vehicle access to Kirkcaldy High Street and on wider issues affecting the whole of Fife including the draft budget proposals.

“This year has been a good one for the town with high profile events including the Halfords Tour series putting Kirkcaldy on a national stage and the 50th anniversary of the town twinning with Ingolstadt giving the chance to celebrate our links with old friends.

“In addition, the summit held in June was a great starting point for us to re-focus on revitalising our town centre and the Kirkcaldy Ambitions group has laid a foundation and is now ready to keep driving forward with its action plan with an inclusive and participative agenda.

“Next year will bring some landmark events with the opening of the new Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery, the Town House and the new Leisure Centre.

“The Kirkcaldy Ambitions group has plans for the town too. These range from ensuring the High Street is kept clean and tidy, to larger projects like tackling derelict properties and promoting Adam Smith in order to raise the profile of the town to a wider audience.

“This work needs investment and, while the council has some responsibility to help financially, I have always said a partnership approach is needed to make maximum impact. I am heartened by the work of the Kirkcaldy Ambitions partners, Kirkcaldy4All and the Adam Smith Global Foundation working and supported by officers from Fife Council and Adam Smith College.

“The next phase is project delivery and there are many local people who have declared an interest in supporting that next phase and I am hopeful there will be many more coming to the table soon after the bells have welcomed what will hopefully be a very positive new year.”