Kirkcaldy bank worker stole £220,000 of customers’ cash

Bank of Scotland,  Carberry Road,  Kirkcaldy
Bank of Scotland, Carberry Road, Kirkcaldy

A bank worker who embezzled almost £220,000 of customers’ cash is behind bars after asking a sheriff to jail her while she awaits sentence.

Julie Fraser stole the money while working as a relationship manager at the Bank of Scotland in Kirkcaldy in order to fund her lifestyle and put her daughter through university, Cupar Sheriff Court heard.

But she was rumbled when the bank’s monitoring system picked up a number of transfers between accounts and she came clean when she was quizzed by fraud investigators.

Fraser (52), of 7 George Govan Road, Cupar, admitted embezzling £218,349.93 between May 1, 2007, and October 31, 2012, while working at Halifax Bank of Scotland in Carberry Road.

Depute fiscal Dev Kapadia told the court that when the first transfer was detected, Fraser told investigators that the couple involved ‘were not good with finances and were unlikely to notice that money was missing.’

Further checks revealed that a total of 26 fraudulent transfers were made and Fraser admitted that she had destroyed the paperwork when she attended monthly meetings at the Perth branch.

Sheriff Charles Macnair told her that she was facing a ‘significant’ prison sentence but he had to obtain reports in order to decide what would be appropriate.

He deferred sentence until March 20 and remanded her in custody after her solicitor, David Bell, said that was what she wanted.

“The accused acknowledges that she will receive a custodial sentence and would not ask the court to deal with it in any other way because of the significant breach of trust and the quantities on money involved,” said Mr Bell.

“She asked to be remanded in custody today because she has an 83-year-old mother in failing health and she and her sister care for her on a daily basis.

“She is keen to start her sentence so she can finish it as quickly as she possibly can.”

Mr Bell added that Fraser, a first offender, had worked for the bank for 35 years, since she left school, and had built up a substantial pension fund, which had been used to repay the money.